Wedding March/Bridal Chorus/Trumpet Voluntary Cover

Included Tracks:

  • Play Bridal Chorus-Country Sample Bridal Chorus-Country
  • Play Wedding March-Country Sample Wedding March-Country
  • Play Bridal Chorus-Orchestrated Sample Bridal Chorus-Orchestrated
  • Play Bridal Chorus-Organ Sample Bridal Chorus-Organ
  • Play Wedding March--Organ Sample Wedding March--Organ
  • Play Trumpet Voluntary Sample Trumpet Voluntary
Daywind Wedding

Wedding March/Bridal Chorus/Trumpet Voluntary

As performed by Country, Orchestrated, Traditional Versions


CD includes a demo track (complete song, with lead vocal) and performance tracks (without lead vocal).

Accompaniment Track Details:

H indicates a High key, M indicates a Medium key, and L indicates a Low key.

Notes: Country, Orchestrated, and Organ versions of Bridal Chorus, Country and Orchestrated of Wedding March. This is not a CD with graphics.

Studio Track:
This is a studio produced track recorded "in the style of" the artist listed. While the instrumental music will be similar, it is not the original recording, and the voice you will hear on the demo is not the original artist.